Summit Highlights

  • Overview of supervisory regulations for institutional investors in the EMEA region, in jurisdictions such as UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and the UK

  • Interpretation of regulatory regime for cross-border capital flows, and QFIs, as well as liberalization in the capital market

  • Effect of geopolitical risk on investment outlook and opportunities

  • Statistical analysis of investment and asset management, including sovereign wealth funds, infrastructure funds, and pension funds, for family businesses and large corporations

  • Portfolio diversification through real estate, hedge funds, mutual funds ,and alternative investment

  • Developments in financial technology related to artificial intelligence and big data, crucial for optimal investment strategies

  • Study of liquidity challenges created by changing global interest rates, and balancing investment risk and return

  • Opportunity for companies to identify business partners and improve their prospects

We Offer Insights On

  • Day One
    - Sovereign Wealth Fund Asset Management
    - Policies and Regulations
    - Market Climate & Geopolitics
    - Pension Funds
    - Financial Technology Developments

  • Day Two
    - Family Businesses and Large Corporations: Capital Management and Investment Strategies
    - Diverse Investments
    - Risk Management & Liquidity Focus on Alternative Investment

Finance & Investment Series Review

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